Master in Psychology leads a person to a career being as psychologist and in counseling this area as according to the bureau of Labor Statistics has better chances to grow around the rate of 15 percent till and through 2016. The salary for a psychologist varies from educational qualification to educational qualification and professionals with doctoral degree in an applied specialty like as counseling and school psychology has better chances to earn comparatively from a common Psychologist.

Earning as Psychologist:

A psychologist salary for a doctorate level professional ranges more $6,000 to $8,000 more per year for those who are with master’s degree.   Master in Psychology with industrial organizational psychology happens to be with better chances of earning. The need for psychologist lies with schools, hospitals, substance abuse clinics, consulting firms and private companies, here is provided basic data for earning capacity for Psychologist.

  • Sports Psychologist: $54,000
  • Developmental Psychologist:$64,496
  • Educational Psychologist:$58,820
  • Experimental Psychologist: $56,505
  • Neuropsychologist: $79,570
  • Social Psychologist: $64,496
  • School Psychologist:    $63,510
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologist: $80,820
  • Forensic Psychologist: $59,732

In order to have this much salary, one needs to attend medical school to become a psychiatrist and have an MD degree. There you would get specialized training in the field of psychiatry in addition to all and other general medical school training. And scope for qualified psychiatrists in increasing day by day in mental health facilities, clinics and hospitals

Earning as Counselor

Other area where a Masters in psychology can work upon is being as counselor and Therapist. As reported from a recent survey the fact has come to the surface that employment chances for a counselor are expected to rose by 21 percent till 2016. However, growth prediction is rated to be highest near 34 percent for counseling in substance abuse and behavioral disorder preceded by educational, vocational and school counselors. The salary estimates for counseling as fro varied designation as follows:

  • Mental Health Counselor:     $39,450
  • Marriage and Family Counselor: $45,310
  • Vocational Counselor Salary: $46,415
  • Substance Abuse Counselor: $40,540
  • Behavioral Disorder Counselor: $40,540
  • Rehabilitation Counselor: $35,000
  • Clinical Therapist: $35,000
  • School Counselor: $46,415

Earning as A social Worker

Another area to work for a Master of Psychology to work in is Social Work that is expected to register the growth of 22 percent through 2016 that is much above the national average.  Here are provided basic salary projections for a professional in social work as follows Child Welfare Worker: $34,820;   Medical Social Worker: $43,025:
Aging/Gerontology Specialist: $42,780, Psychotherapy Social Worker: $33,920,     School Social Worker:$40,000,Medical/ClinicalSocial Worker: $52,509, Development Disabilities Specialist Salary:$55,000. Now you would be considering about getting enrollment in Master is psychology after learning this much career scope for you.