Human Mind is the aspect of intellect and consciousness experience mixed up of feeling and activities like thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination, involving unconscious cognitive processes. Below some amazing facts about the human minds is given that are indeed very interesting to read and learn about.

  1. This has been found many a times that people who are good at memorizing things generally have larger than normal hippocampus, as for the case of drivers, who consonantly reach and learn new places have large hippocampus in brain  in comparison to other normal beings. It is suggested as much as people learn things as larger would become their hippocampus.
  2. There are many ideas and aspirations and thoughts about the birth of dreams in our brain as people are divided among two opinions and schools of thought as being the Physiological school and the psychological school, but there any exact reasoning has yet to reach at about the concept why one dreams. According to some researchers dreams do not provide any actual reasoning of their birth. However according to a school of psychological studies this fact has emerged that dreaming is dire necessary for mental, emotional and physical well being
  3. For the regulation of body temperature it is the Hypothalamus that is responsible for a great extent, it regulates body temperature being like as thermostat. The hypothalamus is being known for keeping body around 37 degree Celsius and if your body accidentally becomes bit hot temperature wise than it is hypothalamus that tell your body to sweat in order to cool it down.
  4. In our brain daily approximately 85,000 neocortical neurons die each day and is goes unnoticed because of built in redundancies of the human brain. And after there years the entire loss of the neurons sums up to only a 1% total neocortical neurons in brain.
  5. The weight of Brain has nothing to do with its mental capacity as Albert Einstein’s brain was only 1,230 grams and that was lesser than an average weight of human brain.
  6. Height affects a human brain in such a great manner in that it makes it to look at things in strange manner and behavior. In many religious examples it is shown that a person on particular height listen or sees something strange as Moses listen a voice coming from a burning bush on Mount Sinai and Muhammad was visited by an angel on Mount Hira. These types of examples were even cited by mountain climbers. At 8,000ft or higher, some mountaineers report perceiving unseen companions, seeing light emanating from themselves or others, seeing a second body like their own, and suddenly feeling emotions such as fear. This hallucination is perceived as due to the result of inference of brain regions being derived of proper oxygen at higher altitudes.
  7. It may heard bizarre to you, indeed it is 100 percent sure that our brain does not feels pain. As human brain is devoid of the nerves therefore it does not register pain. So a neurosurgeon can probe ones brain even a patient is conscious. This way they can use feedback as received from the patient for his cure on issues like visual or hearing impairment.