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The human brain is one of the most amazing and miraculous things of our time. There is still so much we don’t understand; yet what we do understand is completely fascinating. If you haven’t taken the time to explore some of the things we’ve come to learn about our brains; now is the time. Start by watching these 15 videos from YouTube that will give you insight into the most complex object in the universe.

  1. The Mysteries of the Human Brain: This is from the BBC series “The Human Body”. There are three episodes about the brain. It explores the anatomy of the brain and which parts are responsible for which actions, thoughts, etc.
  2. The Miracle in the Human Brain: This video explores the amazing connections of neuron cells.
  3. Carl Sagan on the Human Brain: This one is a bit older, but still gives us understanding of how the human brain developed.
  4. The Human Brain: How We Decide: This video talks about how our brains work during the decision making process. It also gives insight into how to make better decisions by training this part of the brain.
  5. The Human Brain: This video discusses the actual anatomy of the brain.
  6. Human Brain Power: A six part series on how the brain works and how to make yours work better. You’ll learn brain training games and other tips and techniques to help improve your brain and keep it sharp as you get older.
  7. The Brain and Cybernetics: This video examines the brain and its cybernetic control systems.
  8. How the Human Brain Works: This video gives you an animated tour of the human brain.
  9. Four Part Evolutionary Human Brain: A four part series that explores how the human brain developed over time, and how this developments correlate to the time sequence of their evolutionary emergence: paleo-mammalian, and neo-mammalian. This video explores how the brain developed as we evolved in order to equip us with the abilities that we needed in order to live in increasingly complex times.
  10. Human Brain Overview: This video talks about the exterior parts of the human brain and how they affect psychology.
  11. Understanding the Human Brain: This video, with Dr. Giorgio Ascoli, talks about where character traits like creativity and sense of humor originate in the brain. This is a particularly interesting video because it gives insight into how our personalities are formed, and what goes on in the brain to make us who we are.
  12. The Human Brain in Space and Time: What we see, hear, taste, feel, and smell are sensations that are transformed in our brains to give rise to perceptions of the world around us. Several steps in such transformations remain as mysteries, but scientists around the world are working hard to understand how the brain works. Some very interesting information here about how such factual things like smell and taste are subjective, based on the perception created by our brains, and how each person’s perception is completely different.
  13. The Human Brain is Decreasing over Time: Evidence that our brains are reducing as we evolve. They say we only use about half of our brain capacity. This video explores the theory that our brains are basically “devolving” because we don’t use them. Will future generations have less brain power than we do?
  14. Human Brain Development: This video is a detailed explanation of central nervous system development mechanisms in humans. The lecture is given by Thomas Jessell, PhD, of Columbia University. This is part one of a two part series on how the brain develops in the womb.
  15. Human Brain Development: Nature and Nurture: This video, presented by Helen Neville, PhD, explores the interconnection between nature and nurture in how the brain develops. It explains how our experiences mesh with our “hard wiring” to develop our brains and our personalities over time.

You’re certain to be fascinated by the information contained in these videos about the human brain. You’re also certain to want to find out even more about the human brain after you’ve seen these interesting videos.