We’ve all heard of the power of positive thinking. Yet, many of us continue to spend our lives imagining “worst case scenarios” and filling our heads with negative images of ourselves and of the world. Instead of concentrating on your perceived flaws and all that’s wrong with the world, why not try thinking positively and looking for the best in yourself, others, and the situations you face each day. You’ll likely find that when you focus on the positive, good things happen to you and you feel happier, even if nothing around you changes. Check out these 20 websites that can help you think more positively about yourself and your life.

  1. Success Inspired: Turn to this website for lots of great articles and tips on how to make your life happier and more successful.
  2. Success Consciousness: This site offers plenty of insight into how you can change your life by changing how your mind works.
  3. 2Know Myself: This site helps you understand yourself better so that you can make positive changes in your life.
  4. Positive Mantra: This is a blog dedicated to giving regular advice on how to stay positive in this world.
  5. Positive Notions Blog: This blog is written by a personal development coach. The blog gives lots of tips on many areas of your life, including how to keep a positive attitude.
  6. Lyndon Antcliff: This is another blog that gives you plenty to think about, along with specific steps you can take to improve your life.
  7. Mayo Clinic: This part of the Mayo Clinic website is dedicated to helping you reduce stress through positive thinking.
  8. Positive Thinking for You: This is a great site that allows you to read daily tips or subscribe to updates via email.
  9. Self Esteem Quotes: Remember the quotes on this site; or better yet, write them down and post them where you can see them, to help boost your self esteem.
  10. Words of Wisdom: This site contains poems, quotes and articles that will help you stay motivated. There’s even a printable calendar with inspirational messages.
  11. I Don’t Stink: This site is designed to help you get rid of the negative thinking that holds you back from achieving those things you want.
  12. Cindy Sense: This site is designed to help women to overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. The writer is a life coach.
  13. Unlimited: Another blog written by a life coach, this one offers lots of motivational articles that will help you identify and rectify the problems that prevent you from reaching your goals.
  14. Positive Thinking Principles: This site offers lots of positive thinking information and articles about improving all areas of your life.
  15. Positive 1000: Another great site for finding articles and quotes to help you keep your thinking positive.
  16. Habit Change: Learn how to change all your bad habits including the negative thinking that’s holding you back.
  17. Positive Mind Wealth: This site offers lots of tips and tools to improve your positive thinking. You can even subscribe to subliminal messages on mp3 to help you change your thinking.
  18. Meanings of Life: This site offers insight into the most important things in life through articles, poetry and other things. It can help keep you focused on what’s most important.
  19. Affirmations for Positive Thinking: This site offers some great free information such as a DVD and regular emails that help you ensure that you’re always thinking positive about your life and your future.
  20. Positive Thinking: This site is part of Positive Teens, as site designed to help teens make the most of their life. This section is devoted to helping teens think positively during a time in their lives when many suffer from low self esteem.

With these 20 websites at your fingertips, you’re sure to find plenty of information to help you ensure that you’re putting positive thoughts in your head, rather than letting negative influences ruin your chances of success. Staying positive not only helps you stay happier and feel better about your life, but also allows you to be more confident in trying new things, which, in turn, increases your experiences and your successes.