Masters in Psychology Program Rankings

Earning a master’s degree in psychology allows you to specialize your education and qualify for better jobs upon graduation. The classes you’ll take as part of this kind of program will cover topics such as behavior and developmental psychology, biology, mental disease and abnormalities, counseling, and management. These are some of the same topics you might have covered as part of an undergraduate program, but in an advanced master’s degree program, your learning will cover advanced topics in these fields, as well as allow you to complete research in any of these areas or other psychology-related areas that interest you. The best programs out there also provide you with career counseling, leadership training, and internship opportunities so that you are best prepared to work in the field of psychology after graduation. But what are the best masters in psychology programs out there? Here are some of the top options available for graduate students:

Stanford University

Stanford University is consistently ranked as one of the best psychology programs in the United States. This school has a very competitive admissions policy, but they also offer a number of grants and scholarships to students, and students who are admitted are given the chance to work in a number of areas, including cognitive learning, cultural psychology, memory, and perception.

University of Michigan

The masters in psychology program at the University of Michigan is one of the largest in the country, attracting students and professors from around the world to give you a unique learning environment. This school allows you to choose from one of six psychology specialties, which include clinical psychology and personality.

Harvard University

The psychology program available at Harvard University is one of the oldest in the nation, dating back to the 1800s. Since then, harvard has been home to some of the world’s leading psychologists, including B.F. Skinner and Henry Murray, and they continue to encourage students to be pioneers in this field.

Carnegie Mellon University

If you’re looking for a small program where you’ll get a ton or personal attention, CMU might be a school you should consider. At this college, there are only 20 to 30 graduate students in the psychology department at any given time, but the department still boasts an impressive faculty and research facilities. CMU focuses on individual specialized education, so if you got to school here you may get opportunities that you wouldn’t get at other schools.

Top Psychology Masters Degrees

To become a psychologist, a doctorate degree is required. But the masters degree in psychology is a necessary step on this educational path. A masters degree in psychology is also a stopping point for many other careers, including social worker, school counselor, industrial/organizational psychologist, and more. The schools listed below offer graduate-level degrees in psychology.

Students can earn an MS in Psychology from Walden University with various specializations. A specialization in Leadership Development & Coaching is offered that will expand your knowledge of human dynamics in contemporary, international, and virtual organizations. The specialization in Social Psychology helps you to gain a broad understanding of the social factors that affect human development and social interactions. Specializations are also offered in health psychology, program evaluation, organizational psychology & development, organizational psychology & nonprofit management, psychology of culture, media psychology, and more.
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The MS in Psychology from University of Phoenix will prepare you for a career in mental health and other human services in health care organizations. An MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology will prepare you for a rewarding position that is relevant to any business environment. University of Phoenix is ideal for students who are working or need the convenience of a flexible schedule.
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Kaplan offers a few different specializations within its main MA in Psychology program. An MA in Psychology with a specialization in Addictions will prepare you to help clients overcome addictions and move towards recovery. An MA in Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavioral Analysis prepares students to meet the needs of clients who are developmentally disabled. The MA in Psychology with a specialization in Organizational Design and Development will help you gain the skills needed to develop effective management and organization strategies.
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An MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Grand Canyon University prepares students to become practitioners, researchers, and teachers in the field of psychology. The MS in General Psychology degree develops students that have effective critical leadership qualities. Students will be able to better their communities and business they serve with the skill sets that they learn. This degree teaches students advanced skills in research, statistics, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking.
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