Psychologists offer a wide variety of blogs on the Internet, although school psychology, child psychology and learning and development blogs far outnumber forensic psychologists on the Web. This list of the top 50 blogs by psychology professionals provides insight into how some psychologists think, teach and write. These blogs all have been updated recently.

The list is in alphabetical order within each category.

PsychologyGeneral Psychology

  1. DavidBransfordMD Blog: When not seeing patients directly, Dr. Bransford has a strong interest in teaching and promoting continuing medical education to family practitioners, nursing staff, case managers, and psychologists.
  2. Dr. X’s Free Associations: “Dr. X” offers thoughts on psychology, as well as the occasional vintage photo.
  3. Everyone Needs Therapy: This social work blog reflects a multi-disciplinary scholarship, academic degrees, and “all kinds of letters after my name to make me feel big.” Expect humor.
  4. Free Association on the Ego and the Self: Dr. A. L. Dussault offers blog entries in the time-honored practice of free association.
  5. Irrationally Yours: Dan Ariely is the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University and a founding member of the Center for Advanced Hindsight.
  6. Laura’s Psychology Blog: Laura Freberg is a professor of psychology at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.
  7. Mind Hacks: Mind Hacks also is the name of a book by Matt Webb and Tom Stafford, who contribute to this blog.
  8. Providentia: Romeo Vitelli spent fifteen years as a staff psychologist in Millbrook Correctional Centre and now is a disaster management volunteer with the Red Cross.
  9. PsyBlog: Jeremy Dean, a researcher at the University College London, maintains this blog about scientific research into how the mind works.
  10. PsycCRITIQUES: This blog is edited by Dr. Danny Wedding, and produced by the American Psychological Association (APA).
  11. PsychBlog: Jamie Davies maintains this blog from the UK, where he is studying for a MSc in psychology while teaching.
  12. The Splintered Mind: Eric Schwitzgebel offers reflections in philosophy of psychology, “broadly construed.”

Forensic PsychologyForensic Psychologists

  1. All About Forensic Psychology: David Webb has a first-class honors degree in psychology and a Masters in Occupational psychology from the University of Sheffield (UK).
  2. Everyday Psychology: Dr. Paul Mattiuzzi did not start out as a forensic psychologist, but for the past 15 years, he has worked almost exclusively in the field of criminal forensic psychology.
  3. Hawaii Forensic Psychology: This blog is hosted and managed by Greg Turnbull, an attorney and licensed psychologist.
  4. In the News: Karen Franklin, Ph.D. is a forensic psychologist and adjunct professor at Alliant University in Northern California.
  5. Postcards from the Id: A father, husband, and forensic psychologist examines the “lighter” side of clinical and forensic psychology.
  6. Psychology and Crime News: This blogger originates from the UK, so the developments in psychology in a forensic context, and practical forensic developments have a British flavor.

School PsychologySchool Psychologists

  1. A School Psychologist’s Weblog: Lianro works for a large public school district as a school psychologist who evaluates students who are struggling academically and/or behaviorally.
  2. Christine Eagan, School Psychologist: Christine Eagan is a school psychologist who focuses on cognitive-behavioral therapy, interventions with at-risk youth, neuropsychology and play therapy.
  3. Darren Tagliarini MS Ed. Behavior Specialist: This is a blog for teachers and parents who are seeking resources and support for their children.
  4. Diary of a School Psychologist: This blog is an attempt to detail the working life of an average school psychologist to familiarize readers with this field.
  5. Education Psychology, 2010: Dr. James Langholz’s intent for this blog is to engage his students so they can share their ideas about teaching and learning.
  6. Intelligent Insights on Intelligence Theories and Tests: This is one attempt to share contemporary research findings, insights, musings, and discussions regarding theories and applied measures of human intelligence.
  7. Julietta Skoog, School Psychologist: Julietta Skoog is the school psychologist for the new Queen Anne and McDonald Elementary schools, as well as part of the preschool assessment team for Seattle Public Schools.
  8. Notes from the School Psychologist: Dr. (Bell) Branstetter specializes in psychoeducational assessment, therapy, and coaching with children, adolescents, and young adults.
  9. School Psychologist Blog Files: Erin N. King, Ed.S., a nationally certified school psychologist, offers special education support for parents.
  10. School Psychology Blog: Deborah is a qualified educational psychologist working in private practice in Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. She previously worked as a student counselor in a school.
  11. School Psychology Blog with Dr. Gaston Weisz: Discussion centers around school psychology, education, special education, parenting, child development, teaching practices and staff development.
  12. Teaching High School Psychology: This blog is a resource for any teacher of high school psychology, whether Advanced Placement or Introduction to Psychology.
  13. Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Kate Ahern provides resources and ideas for teachers of learners with severe, profound, intensive, significant, complex or multiple special needs.
  14. TechPsych: This blog is for individuals who are interested in using technology more effectively to support engaged learning, cognitive development, communication and other developmental skills.

Child PsychologyChild and Developmental Psychologists

  1. A Psych Mommy: A school psychologist becomes a mother and offers her insights on this blog.
  2. Child and Family Psychology: Dr. Renee is part of a company based in Long Island and who work with children.
  3. Child Psych: A child clinical psychologist who specializes in psychological trauma, attention deficit disorders, depression, and parenting issues, maintains this blog.
  4. Child Psychology Research Blog: Nestor L. Lopez-Duran, PhD.
    is a clinical child psychologist and researcher, currently working as an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Michigan.
  5. Dr. Gil Tippy’s Child Development Blog: Dr. Tippy focuses on autism, ASD, DIR and relationships.
  6. Dr. John Carpente’s Music & Child Development Blog: Dr. Carpente uses music as a developmental tool for autism, PDD, music therapy and child development.
  7. The Thoughtful Animal: Jason Goldman is interested in the development of skills and knowledge systems, and particularly, the way that the environment interacts with biology in producing such systems.

Sports PsychologyOther Specialties

  1. Brain Blog: Anthony Risser, Ph.D. is a consulting neuropsychologist with interests in online applications in medicine, in professional training, and in undergraduate and graduate education.
  2. CogSci Librarian: Stephanie Willen Brown writes about the intersection of cognitive science, communication science, journalism, psychology and library science.
  3. Dr. Deb: A psychologist and practicing psychoanalyst, Dr. Deborah Serani specializes in treating trauma and depression.
  4. Dr. Patrick Cohn’s Sports Psychology Tips: As the president and founder of Peak Performance Sports (Orlando, Florida), Dr. Patrick J. Cohn teaches mental skills and sports psychology techniques to athletes, teams, and corporate professionals to help improve performance.
  5. Kendra’s Psychology Blog: Kendra Cherry worked as a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist to help children suffering from emotional disturbances overcome maladaptive behaviors.
  6. Marin Health Psychologist Blog: This blog provides research-based information and advice about whole-body health and well being, written by Melanie Greenberg, a clinical psychologist.
  7. Mixing Memory: Mixing Memory is run by Chris, a cognitive scientist who shall for now remain anonymous, except for his first name, which really is Chris.
  8. Neuroskeptic: A neuroscientist takes a skeptical look at his own field and beyond.
  9. Perusing Psychology: This clinical psychologist in training is interested in normal and abnormal brain structure and functioning.
  10. The Media Psychology Blog: Dr. Pamela Rutledge is passionate about helping people and organizations understand the way communication and media technologies change our culture, psychology, and behavior.
  11. The Performance Pscyhologist, LLC: In addition to extensive credentials in research, organizational performance, academic assessment and counseling, Dr. Romirowsky also has a solid background in leading professional development seminars, coaching and public speaking.

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